“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”                                                                Nelson Mandela

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The global pandemic has brought the formal classes virtually to stand still. The most affected in the educational domain are the students. The psychological and mental plights of students are understandable. The situation has triggered us to make the online classes viably accessible to the students. However, we are aware of the limitations that the online classes cannot fully replace the formal classes in all respects.

We are experiencing a lot of setbacks and are continuously trying to overcome them by exploring ways to update the online classes. One of the major drawbacks experienced is the lack of proper online utility and accessibility to dispense the teaching contents. Therefore, we have decided to develop a utility to instantly dispatch our study materials online with the ease of handling and retention for future generations in mind. This utility can be accessed on the internet at  which is more than our College Profile and a normal website. This utility is designed to help our counselors, faculties and students to publish their articles online and manage feedback instantly.

I sincerely advise our authorized users of this utility to at least read the Policy matters and the pages before publishing their first ever article. I’m sure this approach to articulate academic information will benefit our students and reduce the burden and anxiety of the parents.

St. Xavier’s College, Intermediate Section, Ranchi, is the premium institution of academic excellence, learning and knowledge and is providing the conducive atmosphere for proliferation of affective extracurricular orientation and interests in the students. It gives ample opportunity to students to grow and mature as individuals. It exposes them to explore humanitarian values which call for responsibility and commitment.

I am highly impressed by the selfless contribution of well qualified, dynamic and multi talented faculty, supportive staff and to the students.  The staff is very committed to impart an excellent all round education to the students in Jharkhand. The esteemed faculty members have been providing relentless support and service to educate the students to their best, despite the challenging current prevailing situation. They are working together as a team to infuse a sense of achievement in the students.

I highly appreciate the parents, guardians, well wishers and stakeholders who work hard towards their sons and daughters to keep them on track with their online inputs. The parents are the power house of motivation and inspiration for the future of the children. Their consistent support and goodwill empower us to strive for better and greater. I express my sincere gratitude to them to put faith and confidence in this adventurous endeavor.

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”                                                                  Bob Beauprez

My best regards to all those who contribute to the noble task of spreading the light of education and its manifest qualities, aims and objectives. I wish and pray for God’s favour and blessings for a peaceful and a prosperous future.

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Fr. Ajay Anil Tirkey S.J.


St. Xavier’s College (Intermediate Section)